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With over 40 years of direct response experience, we will be your honest and candid guide in the vast world of DRTV and jump start your campaign - whether you're just starting out with the spark of an idea, or have already launched and need the insight only we can provide.

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George has been at the forefront of telemarketing from its very beginning. While he spent a few years in various programming roles helping to create real-time communications systems in the 60s for companies such as Western Union and the New York Stock Exchange, George would truly come into his own as he helped jumpstart the budding business of telemarketing.

As Director of New Business for Avis, George was tasked with creating businesses that could make use of Avis's large Tulsa-based reservations center. One of his ideas was to task the reservations center with handling inbound telephone transactions from 800 number offers on TV. With this spark, Avis's telemarketing arm was born as George's brainchild.

After growing this business for 10 years, George took the position of Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for West Corporation. Over the course of his 18 year tenure, George was instrumental in making West the pre-eminent inbound telemarketing company. During those almost two decades, George helped grow West's sales from $10 million to well over $300 million.

It is that same passion and experience that George brought with him when launching his own consulting firm, GWS Consulting. As one man with over 40 years of experience, George is able to hone in on problems, identify solutions, and guide telemarketing campaigns from just an idea to million dollar success stories. It is this know-how that has earned him the industry nickname of The Doctor and gives him the ability to transform any campaign.

Direct Response is Simple

For someone who has never been involved in it, television direct response can seem like an intricate and extremely complex web. Our goal is to help untangle that web and show you that direct response is actually quite simple!

Despite that simplicity, running a successful direct response campaign is far from easy. One must know how to tie all of the building blocks of a campaign together seamlessly to drive success. We can state in all candor and sincerity that most campaign failures can be averted by taking an honest and unbiased review of the project before proceeding.

And that’s where we come in. With over four decades of direct response experience, we will be able to review your potential campaign neutrally and provide guidance on what decisions to make as if it were our own project. We can connect you with the right services and act as your guide to take your campaign from potential to smash success.

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I've been trying to succeed in the Direct Response business since 1989 and I've almost got it right. In the early years, there were a couple of people I knew I could turn to for the solid, straight story on the fundamentals of success. George was one of those guys. He never over-promises or gets caught in hype. He's the real deal, with more DR experience and success in his little finger - especially as it relates to inbound telemarketing - than I have in my career.

Carl Daikeler | Chairman & CEO |

When it comes to direct response, there is no one, I repeat, no one who knows more than George Smith. I have been honored to work with George on hundreds of successful campaigns. His vast experience and inspirational insights have helped turn ordinary products into household names and direct response legends. Before you spend one dollar on a commercial, invest in George's expertise. There's no better ROI!

Collette Liantonio | President | Concepts TV Productions

I have known George for almost as long as I have been in this business. I have always found him to be a scholar, a mentor and a person who truly understands how this industry works. You can trust George to tell things to you “straight” and his knowledge and expertise are incredible.

Dan Danielson | Co-Chairman | MercuryMedia

There is no person that knows more about telemarketing and direct response than George Smith. He has helped many of our clients over the years and he has proven to be an invaluable resource.

Mike Medico | President | All Scope Direct

I have known George Smith for several years. He has been a mentor, supporter and partner on several projects and he operates with the utmost integrity and his deep industry knowledge is invaluable. It is always a positive experience to work with George.

Len Linton | CEO | 1NW

I have had the good fortune of working with George Smith on countless occasions over the last 25 years and in all honesty he has made us an absolute fortune. George works tirelessly for his clients and has a wealth of experience and insider, front-line knowledge you’re not going to find anywhere else, because he is one of the few who has literally 'been there-done that'. What really sets George above the rest is that he has done it all with uncompromised honesty and integrity. If you want someone you can truly trust and will work in your best interest while safely navigating you through the ‘shark infested’ waters and around the hidden ‘land mines’ of direct response, your search is over. Get George Smith on your team before your competition does.

Scott Opfer | President | Opfer Communications

George is an icon of the DRTV industry and his telemarketing experience is unsurpassed.

Frank Cannella | Founder | Cannella Response Television

George Smith practically invented the telemarketing industry when it was in its infancy. Since those early days, George has become one of the most knowledgeable all around DRTV consultants in the industry. He has seen the entire industry evolve and knows where all the pitfalls lie. Anyone contracting George for his expertise and consultation will be getting a man with an encyclopedic knowledge of the DRTV industry along with the most up date strategies which all the top marketers use to increase sales and cut the TV clutter.”

Jeff Meltzer | President | Meltzer Media Productions

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